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Workshop 1

Wednesday 11 November 2015
Clothworkers’ Centenary Concert Hall, University of Leeds

Compere for concert: Derek B. Scott

Pianist: Duncan Boutwood

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Many people think first of music-hall songs as typical music of the War. While not neglecting the music hall, this concert also features other popular music of the time: drawing- room ballads, musical comedy numbers and, perhaps surprisingly, music from English adaptations of German operettas.

Operetta items:

The Picture Palace Queen

Sung by Kate Stevens

The song is from the operetta The Cinema Star, produced at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, in June 1914. The composer was Jean Gilbert (real name, Max Winterfeld). Georg Okonkowski and Julius Freund wrote the original book and lyrics for the Berlin production of 1913. The English adaptation was by Jack Hulbert, and the lyrics were by Harry Graham (with additional lyrics by Percy Greenbank).

The Cobbler’s Song

Sung by Bryan White.

Baba Mustapha’s song in Act 3 of Chu Chin Chow, produced at His Majesty’s Theatre, London, in August 1916. The book and lyrics were by Oscar Asche, the music by Frederic Norton.

My Motter

Sung by Martin.

Doody’s song (words by Arthur Wimperis, music by Howard Talbot) from Act 2 of The Arcadians. This musical comedy was first produced at the Shaftesbury Theatre in 1909, and was revived there in May 1915. The book was by Mark Ambient and Alexander Thompson, the lyrics by Arthur Wimperis, and the music by Lionel Monckton and Howard Talbot.

Anytime’s Kissing Time

Sung by Kate Stevens.

This is Alcolom’s song in Act 2 of Chu Chin Chow.

The Happy Marriage

Sung by Jasmine Munns and Chris Pelly.

Duet from Jean Gilbert’s operetta The Girl in the Taxi, produced at the Lyric Theatre in September 1912, and revived in November 1913. Remarkably, given that hostilities with German had commenced, it was revived again at the Garrick Theatre in January 1915.

The English version was by by Frederick Fenn and Arthur Wimperis (after Die keusche Susanne by Georg Okonkowski and Alfred Schönfeld, produced in Magdeburg in 1910).


Sing by Emily Higgins with full chorus.

Song with Chorus, from Gilbert’s The Girl in the Taxi, Act 2.

Finale, Act 2, of Gilbert’s The Cinema Star.

Louise sung by Kate Stevens.

Victor sung by Chris Pelly.

Phyllis sing by Jasmine Munns.

Clarence sung by Robert Upton.

Billy sung by Bryan White.

Mrs Clutterbuck sung by Emily Higgins.

Clutterbuck sung by Martin.

Full chorus.