Lucyna Messal (1886–1953)

Lucyna Messal
Lucyna Messal was a legend of Polish operetta, adored by audiences and critics. She found success in the role of Saffi in Johann Strauss’s Baron cygański (Der Zigeunerbaron), performed in Nowości on 24 March 1909. At the same time she started recording for Sirena label. She performed to great acclaim in Warsaw, as well as in Russia, where she became very successful during her tours in 1914-1918. After 1922 she has performed on stages in Warsaw, Lublin, Łódź, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vienna and Budapest, and started to appear in films. In 1929 she opened her own musical theatre on 114 Marszałkowska Street in Warsaw (Operetka Lucyna Messal). Here is a clip from Szczęśliwa trzynastka (Happy Thirteen, 1938), where she can be seen playing the piano and singing:
She performed in a number of operettas, which included: 1909 – Johann Strauss’s Baron cygański (Der Zigeunerbaron), 1909 – Oscar Straus’s Czar walca (Ein Walzertraum), 1909 – Leo Fall’s ozwódka (Die geschiedene Frau), 1910 – Emmerich [Imre] Kálmán’s Manewry jesienne (Tatárajárás, later Herbstmanöver), 1910 – Franz Lehár’s Hrabia Luxemburg (er Graf von Luxemburg), 1910 – Lehár’s Cygańska miłość (Zigeunerliebe), 1911 – Jean Gilbert’s Cnotliwa Zuzanna (Die keusche Susanne), 1911 – Lehár’s Wesoła wdówka (Die lustige Witwe), 1913 – Lehár’s Ewa (Eva), 1921 – Lehár’s Biały mazur (Die blaue Mazur), 1923 – Kálmán’s Bajadera, 1924 – Lehár’s Frasquita, 1927 – Lehár’s Paganini.