The Gaiety Theatre in 1933 – London

The Gaiety Theatre in 1933 - London
Advertising the production of Mother of Pearl (1933), starring Alice Delysia as Josephine Pavani. This was the English adaptation of Oscar Straus’s Eine Frau, die weiß, was sie will! (Berlin 1932). Other operettas at the Gaiety were The Girl on the Film in 1913 (Kollo’s Filmzauber, Berlin 1912), The Last Waltz in 1922 (Straus’s Der letzte Walzer, Berlin 1920), Katja the Dancer in 1925 (Gilbert’s Katja die Tänzerin, Vienna 1922), Künneke’s Riki-Tiki, 1926 (to an English text), Gilbert’s The Girl from Cook’s, 1927 (to an English text)